The technicians at Precision manufacture a wide selection of orthodontic appliances and customised devices for clinicians. To make orders you can download our lab work slips and our study model slips.

TPA URA with biteplane PFR retainer
LRA with biteplane and plint clasp Twin block Twin block


A variety of orthodontic retainers can be manufactured to meet your specific requirements with quick turn around times to meet you and your patient’s needs. These include:

Removable, Fixed and Functional Appliances

Over the years Precision has developed its repertoire and range of Removable, Fixed and Functional Appliances such as:

Study Models

We can also provide you with traditional stone study models, special polished ones and we have also launched our 3D digital study model scanning service which we’ve provided further information on.

Download our Lab work slips and Study Model Slips.